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Data Privacy and Security

IMC 498 (Elective)

Data Privacy and Security examines critical issues in digital marketing communications. In the era of highly publicized privacy violations and data breaches, led by Google, Facebook, Target and Sony, a growing number of companies have faced costly regulatory enforcement actions and class action law suits for their misuse of and the misappropriation of their customer data. These events have resulted in an erosion of customer confidence levels and have had a devastating effect on their business performance.

This class will focus on the areas of data privacy and data security, potentially the biggest “data” issues that marketing communications professionals will face over the course of their careers. As such, the class will address the rapid move of companies toward digital marketing efforts and the coming world of connected devices in the Internet of Things. It will highlight areas of risk that all marketing professionals should understand, emphasize ways to reduce and avoid these risks, and outline the consequences and costs that accompany serious privacy violations and data breaches.