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From Insights to Innovation: A Design Thinking Approach (San Francisco)

IMC 498 (Elective)

From Insights to Innovation: A Design Thinking Approach is an elective course offered at the Northwestern San Francisco campus. As marketers, we can no longer assume that “if we build it, they will buy.” Consider Apple, Airbnb and Amazon: The most innovative products, services and technologies identify latent needs, identify ways to solve them, and continuously iterate and improve.  

In order to stay relevant in today’s landscape, brands must find ways to invite customers into the conversation, listen closely and ensure they are creating value. This class will provide tools to help you design with your customers, not for them, and in doing so develop strategies to drive innovation and mitigate marketing risk.

This course will explore the intersection between customer-centered marketing and human center design, with a specific focus on empathy (research), defining the opportunity, prototyping, iteration and testing. 

Additionally, you will learn lean business frameworks to evaluate your ideas for product-market fit. You will incorporate traditional modes of market research to refine ideas and ensure their solutions drive clear business value and measurable ROI.