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Uncovering Consumer Insights

(Elective Course)

Uncovering Consumer Insights uses qualitative and quantitative methods to investigate strategically relevant consumer insights. In addition to reading material and cases for each week’s session, you will spend time in class to appreciate insights and will be challenged through projects to generate insights given several real life situations. There will also be at least four different practitioners sharing their experiences, case studies and some approaches that they resort to and find success in generating insights.

The class meetings will primarily focus on working with real-life situations, such as identifying and understanding an internal or external opportunity, or finding ways to inform, illuminate and inspire creative teams to change behaviors, attitudes and perceptions.

The topics covered will include how to uncover insights to improve efficiency, to boost engagement and effectiveness and to generate revenue, profits and long-term value. The course will require students to apply analytical techniques to structured and unstructured data with the main focus on distilling insights and connecting the dots for marketing action.