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IMC Part-Time students who have flexibility in their work schedules have the opportunity to enroll in Global Brand Communication, a four-week course taught in London in the fall quarter. The course gives you the chance to learn about brand equity and communication in a global context; you focus on building, measuring, leveraging and managing brands in a global economy.

Large group of students posing for group photo in front of Wimbledon

In addition to visiting British brands such as Wimbledon, last year, Medill IMC students also visited NBA in London to see how an American brand is marketed abroad.

Brit’ney McTush (IMC16)
"Our classroom wasn’t restricted to an actual room but became the world around us. It’s encouraging to see how alumni embrace students and how ready they are to interact with us. Even though they might not know us, the commonality of having been connected to Medill is enough for them to support us in America or abroad."Brit’ney McTush (IMC16)

You make this global market your classroom, learning from top local scholars and industry experts. You also interact with experts from leading brands, agencies, consulting firms and media in London, the leading center of finance, culture and business in Europe.

In addition to traditional classroom instruction time three days a week, you learn from guest speakers and offsite visits with local scholars, industry experts and leading brand consultants, including IMC alumni. While there, some students choose to travel to other countries on the weekends to explore other areas of Europe.

Global Brand Communication is taught by Adjunct Lecturer Ariel Goldfarb, and classes take place at University of London.

Ariel Goldfarb, Medill IMC London course instructor
"The IMC London program gives you a unique opportunity to integrate theories and principles of brand equity management in a wonderfully global context. You are exposed to a range of companies, agencies, consultancies and organizations that are applying global branding strategies in the market every day."Ariel Goldfarb, Medill IMC London course instructor