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Cost of Attendance

We are committed to enrolling the most qualified students regardless of their ability to pay.

We award federal financial aid for U.S. citizens and permanent residents in the form of federal loans. Grants and scholarships, in combination with these federal resources, enable students to meet their calculated financial needs.

Learn more about financing your Medill education on our financial aid page.

Estimated expenses

Below is the cost of attendance for graduate journalism students during the 2017-2018 academic year. This budget is also used to determine financial aid need and to award federal loans to students who will use federal financial aid to fund their Medill education.

Fixed Costs: All students are charged tuition, an activity fee and student health insurance (unless it is waived). Variable Costs: Variable costs are estimates of the cost of living while enrolled at Medill. We do not bill these costs to you.

Fixed Costs
Tuition $60,704
Activity Fee $515
Health Insurance* $4,627
Total Fixed Costs $65,846
Variable Costs
Books $1,600
Transportation $2,780
Computer $2,200
Room/Board $20,400
Discretionary Expenses $6,000
Loan Fees $1,560
Estimated Total Variable Costs $34,540
Estimated Cost of Attendance $100,386

View the full cost of attendance document.

*U.S. students are required to have health insurance but are not required to purchase student health insurance if you can show you are otherwise covered. International students must purchase student health insurance.