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Magazine Mashup

This course provides an overview of narrative strategies in the rapidly changing (and expanding) world of magazine journalism.

It’s designed as a dynamic place for you to read, view and reflect upon storytelling approaches used by the best online and print reporters, editors and producers. How do they identify essential elements of a short piece, column or full-length feature? Why do they curate material in particular ways to create a sense of identity “bigger than the sum of the parts?” What’s expected in proposals from writers and producers who want to pursue a major project?In each meeting we’ll engage directly on these questions, in person and via Skype, with top writers, producers, editors and publishers.

In brief exercises undertaken in class we’ll also explore key elements of persuasive storytelling. The course is designed to be useful for any student, no matter choice of specialization or medium, looking for a chance to think and reflect on the elements of good storytelling.