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Noor Wazwaz (MSJ15)

Producer at NPR's "Morning Edition"
Noor Wazwaz

What is your fondest memory of your time at Medill?

I really enjoyed working from our downtown (Chicago) newsroom, and then later spending time in Washington, D.C., for my fourth quarter. In Washington, I was covering the White House, State Department, Congress and the Supreme Court. I was basically right there, sitting next to real reporters from CNN, Reuters, NPR, etc. I also was fortunate enough to get to travel to the West Bank and Jerusalem as well as Guantanamo Bay for reporting trips. Honestly, I think Medill is the best decision I’ve made. I gained such important skills and experiences that I don’t think I could have attained elsewhere.

What advice do you have for someone who might be looking to pursue a degree in journalism?

I would highly recommend going to Medill. I’ve had many people come and ask me about my experience there, and most have applied and attended. I would say get close to your professors because that was the best thing I have probably done because, to this day, I have professors who I talk to on a daily basis. They are the best mentors I could have.