MSJ Program Overview

You know us as Medill. So do most of the people you’ll work with as an alum of our graduate program. Medill is part of Northwestern University and is the only school of its kind to offer master’s degree programs in both journalism and integrated marketing communications. You will gain journalism skills and experiences in Medill’s one-year MSJ program that you cannot get anywhere else – not at another university, not in another program and not on the job.

This is a particularly exciting time to join the Medill network. We reinvigorate our long-standing reputation for journalism excellence each year. Read on to check out what our students are doing on a regular basis, from day one. In a world moved by stories, yours can begin here.

You can dig into reporting on social justice, sports, global affairs, money and markets or health and science while being grounded in the core curriculum.

You will be guided through immersive field experiences throughout your time at Medill, culminating in a capstone project in which you will produce the portfolio that you will carry into your career. Your faculty adviser will introduce you to Medill alumni who are positioned to mentor you as you pursue the journalism that matters to you.

Medill's global connections are yours for the taking: our Global Journalism Residency Program, our South Africa and Argentina outposts, our campus in Qatar and our immersion reporting projects. 

You can report from Washington, where Medill has had a bureau and News Service since 1966 and our National Security Journalism Initiative often partners with The Washington Post.

In Medill's Chicago newsroom, you’ll have the opportunity to work in a real-world laboratory for social justice reporting in this vital global city. 

Medill embeds you in creative thinking on the latest media technology. You can work in our Knight Innovation Lab, take Innovation in Journalism and Technology, or collaborate in our magazine and Interactive Innovation Projects. You can team up with engineering students to create publishing tools such as Timeline JS, which builds visually rich interactive timelines; and SoundCite, which enables writers to edit long audio files into sound bites that can be easily inserted into stories.

At Medill you can explore the media gamut of magazines, broadcast, documentary, Web/mobile-applications publishing, newspapers and integrated marketing – as well as the cutting edge of platforms not yet invented. At Medill you learn technical and critical-thinking skills that will make you marketable and poised to take on the career you design.

These are just some of the opportunities at Medill; the resources and possibilities throughout Northwestern – a world-class university – are greater still.

Medill offers more than academics and professional training. Here you'll have a place in a prestigious and close-knit community where you can develop friendships with peers, faculty and staff that last a lifetime.

Moreover, Medill's alumni network is mighty and engaged across media and communications industries. Medill alums work as social media managers for magazine websites, backpack journalists for TV stations, and digital and design editors. They are computer-assisted reporting specialists, multimedia photographers, account executives for public relations firms and business reporters. They work as travel editors, graphic designers, documentarians, magazine editors, sports reporters and anchors. Your degree from Medill gives you access to join them.

As you work toward these achievements, your professors will guide and advise you. You will be connected with them even before you arrive on campus. Once here, you will work alongside them as an apprentice and colleague. They are invested in your success, and their teaching provides you with personal attention, hands-on skills, opportunities to be creative and entrepreneurial – and immersion in real-world experiences.