Medill Explores

Medill Explores allows MSJ students to go on a variety of learning adventures during a week-long suspension of classes. Students choose among trips and programs, led by faculty and staff, that have included South Africa, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Pakistan, as well as coverage of the Iowa caucuses, coverage before the Super Bowl in San Francisco and the Olympic Training Center in Colorado. Students have the opportunity to design their own science practicums around the country and to be immersed in business and entrepreneurship, media innovation, the arts and entertainment, and in social justice organizations. Medill alumni in most trip locations meet and network with the students and provide important advice about jobs and professional development.  The program deepens students’ understanding of what it means to be a journalist in a global context and provides important connections within subjects of interest to students.

Recent experience have included:

Chicago: Arts & Entertainment
Students go behind the scenes and experience the great music, theater, art and entertainment that make Chicago a vibrant cultural center.

Argentina: Global Journalism
Students learn about the region’s political and cultural history, including the media’s combative relationship with the government.

Pakistan: Global Journalism
Students work with English-speaking Pakistani journalists at major news outlets on a reporting project that will be published in Pakistan.

South Africa: Global Journalism
Students learn about the complex and wide-ranging issues facing South Africa and experience its rich culture and people.

Chicago: Health & Science Practicum
Students immerse in the life of a scientist, whether a clinician, a researcher or a field explorer, to deepen subject-area knowledge and understanding.​

Iowa 2016: The Road to the Presidency
Students cover the first caucuses of the 2016 presidential election, following the top candidates.

Chicago: Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Students take a deep dive into the world of media innovation with site visits, workshops and meetings with people who are building the next big thing.

Chicago: Markets and the Economy
Students look behind the scenes of a Fortune 500 company, are immersed in the fast-paced world of derivatives and see what it takes to start and run a business.

Chicago: Social Justice Legal and Housing
Students immerse in the lives of those who advocate for the most vulnerable citizens in Chicago and learn how the legal and housing systems work for or against them.

Puerto Rico: Social Justice News Nexus
Students learn about Puerto Rico’s social problems and the efforts of dedicated social service providers and others to help the homeless, jobless and drug-addicted in San Juan.

Colorado: Sports Immersion
Students report from the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and experience a Denver Nuggets game as a reporter.

San Francisco: Sports Immersion
Students network with sports media organizations and cover events before the Super Bowl.