Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship

If you’re excited about the idea of leading, launching or helping build digital media businesses, Medill’s new Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship Specialization is for you.

Learn what makes media businesses successful, through an interdisciplinary education that encompasses technology, design, content strategy, audience development, analytics and business fundamentals.

 Our industry is hungry for curious people with strong writing, analytical, and critical thinking skills. Medill’s new specialization will prepare you to excel in today's innovative media workplaces.

 Jessica Hilberman (MSJ05), content manager, Google

Jessica Hilberman
Spend three months in San Francisco, the heart of the digital economy, learning the art of product development and working with entrepreneurs and technology innovators. Explore Medill and Northwestern's San Francisco campus.

• Gain a real-world startup experience, as part of a team – including developers, designers and business students – that launches a real business in Northwestern’s unique NUvention: Media class. Connect with and learn from experienced entrepreneurs, investors and media innovators who can help you turn your media idea into reality.

Develop valuable skills that position you to create your own media business, contribute to the success of a startup team – or become a leader in established media organizations:
o Design thinking and research – understand users’ needs and turn insights into product ideas
o Agile development – build software iteratively and collaboratively
o Business model innovation –identify the best approaches for generating revenue
o Content strategy – use content and social media to find and engage customers
o The lean startup method – identify a problem that people need to solve, build a solution, then “pivot” based on user feedback.

These experiences will prepare you for a wide range of exciting careers that need savvy media innovators, including editorial leadership, content strategy, audience development and product management. You’ll also know what it takes to invent your own future.

Students in this specialization begin the MSJ program in Summer Quarter. For more information, please contact Professor Rich Gordon at

Medill is offering students a real-world immersion in innovation and entrepreneurship – exactly what they need to build and lead media businesses in the 21st century.

David Beazley David Beazley (MSJ98), CEO of INESQUE, Inc.; managing partner, Synergy Financial Holdings