Video and Broadcast

If video is your preferred medium to report stories, Video and Broadcast could be the specialization for you. Video is a growing and vibrant part of many news organizations. Choosing Video and Broadcast prepares you to be a video journalist working in platforms from web video to television news to long-form storytelling.

The Video and Broadcast faculty teach you the ropes of video and audio with technical training, theory and hands-on experience. You will gain the mix of skills and knowledge needed in an industry where great story-finding and storytelling go hand in hand with excellent technical abilities. In the studio and in the field, you will enterprise, book, produce and write gripping stories that you may use on your resume reel.

The equipment you'll use at Medill is similar to that at professional television stations, documentary houses and news websites. Your finished pieces will be presented online as well as on local broadcasts.

You will graduate with the news judgment and teamwork skills needed for management-track roles in newsrooms or to start your own business.

If you want a career in front of the camera or in the live control room, this specialization also offers performance and producing training. If you are more intrigued by long-form storytelling and directing, you can take a documentary course that allows you to shoot, edit and write your own film. 

"I wanted to pursue broadcast because I love the power of video. I feel that no other medium conveys the emotional aspects of a story as well as broadcast."

- Rahel Solomon (MSJ12)