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Christopher Kneeland

Adjunct Lecturer

Chris Kneeland is the cofounder and CEO of Cult Collective. He is also cofounder of Communo Inc. and The Gathering, a Forbes top-rated business conference. He helps brand leaders develop better ways to engage with core audiences by applying eight common characteristics he and his team discovered while researching the most iconic, “cult-like” brands on the planet.

Kneeland has held marketing positions at John Deere and The Home Depot. He was also previously the Head of Retail Marketing at RAPP, an Omnicom CRM/Loyalty agency. He has consulted with brands like Harley Davidson, Zappos, Best Buy, Canadian Tire, Keurig, GoDaddy and more. He’s worked extensively throughout the US and Canada and has spoken globally about the principles of cult branding. He is also the co-author of Fix: A new prescription to cure disengaged customers, prospects, and staff.

Kneeland has a master’s degree from Medill in Integrated Marketing Communications and a B.A. from Brigham Young University.