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Daqing Zhao

Daqing Zhao

Adjunct Lecturer

Daqing Zhao was director of advanced analytics at, leading the predictive analytics, test and experimentation and data science teams. He previously held senior management and technical leadership positions at, the University of Phoenix, Tribal Fusion, Yahoo, Acxiom/Digital Impact and Bank of America. He also worked on client analytics projects for Intel, HP, Wells Fargo Bank, SBC, Dell, T-Mobile, MSN Search and Travel, Intrawest, PayPal,, MasterCard and others. He teaches Medill IMC master's data science classes. He also teaches at Saint Mary’s College of California and served as a coach for data science teams for startups and enterprise companies.


Dr. Zhao received his Ph.D. from Stanford University, specialized in scientific data processing, simulations and optimizations.