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Jessica Hullman

Jessica Hullman

Associate Professor

Jessica Hullman is an associate professor at Northwestern with a joint appointment in journalism and computer science. Her primary research interests are in information visualization and the communication of uncertainty. Broadly speaking, the goals of her work are to help more people, such as news readers, make sense of complex information through tools that use visualization, structured data and automation.

Much of Hullman's work focuses on how to better match data presentations to how people think about complex phenomena. She has contributed approaches for automatically generating annotated visualizations for the news, design tools for multiple view visualizations, algorithms for generating personalized measurement analogies (e.g. '59 acres is twice the size of Chicago's Millenium Park'), and visualization techniques for uncertainty information. She is particularly interested in developing ways to improve uncertainty communication through visualizations that express uncertainty as a set of hypothetical outcomes and interfaces that enable interacting with one's prior knowledge and beliefs about data in data journalism contexts. 

Hullman's research has been supported by the NSF (CAREER, CRII), Google, Adobe, Tableau Software and the Navy, among others. Her work has received multiple Best Paper awards from top Visualization and Human-Computer Interaction venues. Prior to joining Northwestern she was an assistant professor at the University of Washington Information School and a postdoc in Computer Science at the University of California Berkeley. 

For more information about Hullman, visit her website.


Hullman received her Ph.D. and M.S.I. from the University of Michigan School of Information.