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Global Perspectives — Global Branding  (London)

(Elective Course)

Global Perspectives — Global Branding is a four-week capstone course that is delivered in London and combines traditional classroom instruction with experiential learning through visits to leading brand consultants, clients, retailers and tourism sites. You will gain knowledge of the commercial, social, financial and legal issues that surround global brands and how they create value for the organization, customers and other stakeholders.

The course investigates various critical aspects of global brand management, including the cognitive and cultural factors that shape customer perceptions, development of a differentiated brand identity, impact of changing technology on brand communication, devising primary and secondary brand identifiers, trademarks, protecting brand assets against infringement, brand architecture and balancing the need for global consistency with the need for local relevance.

You will apply this learning to a wide range of brands, from everyday grocery store items to high-end luxury merchandise as well as tourism, nonprofit and service brands. You will examine how organizations leverage their brand equity via extensions, co-branding, licensing and other brand alliances. A considerable amount of time is devoted to evaluating brand equity in qualitative, quantitative and economic terms, including an exploration of the accounting treatment of intangible assets and the various approaches used for brand valuation.