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Media Decisions

Media Decisions

(Elective Course)

Media Decisions will help students develop critical thinking and decision-making skills within the context of media today. Media decisions are amongst the most challenging for marketer’s today. Managers need to be adept at critically assessing media alternatives and making difficult decisions most effectively and efficiently.

During the term, students will become aware of the most important decisions marketers need to make when addressing media today such as: Who to target? What is the optimum media mix (including the need for paid media)? How much to spend? What is the role of data and who should manage it? Where media should fit in the overall process? Students will become conversant in the issues, understand the complexities surrounding these decisions, and learn how to use experience, industry research, and data to build compelling arguments in support of the various alternatives.

On conclusion of the course students should be much better equipped to actively engage in media conversations and make significant contributions toward smarter and better media thinking.