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Social Media

(Elective Course)

Social Media will apply theories from psychology, sociology, and communication to address strategic problems emerging from the shift toward social media and social media marketing. In doing so, the course covers the four aspects of social media: messages, people, networks, and culture.

The first section, messages, covers the communication model, the various types of social media, and the relevant channels of communication. The second section, people, focuses on the individual user-experience of new media, including uses and benefits of new media, motivations for participating in new media, and the methods for measuring effectiveness of social media platforms. The third section on networks will cover the basics of network theory, present the research on virtual communities, and discuss co-creation, the process of user interaction and collaboration that results in the production of consumer-generated advertisements, innovations, and other things of value. The final section will cover the relationship between social media and culture, including cultural production and distribution through online channels and the integration of social media into different cultures. Business cases will be used to illustrate concepts, and discussion will be encouraged.