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Digital Marketing and Media Strategy

Today’s digital marketing landscape moves a mile a minute. As new platforms emerge and competition levels intensify, digital marketers must adapt to this changing environment with agility. In the Digital Marketing and Media Strategy online short course, you will discover how understanding the timeless principles of media strategy can help you face up to the challenges of tomorrow. Over six weeks, you will gain an adaptable, integrated approach to media strategy that delivers on your business goals and puts the audience first. With expert guidance, you will enhance your capacity to identify and capture marketing opportunities and develop a digital media strategy, supported by a deeper understanding of key media approaches and marketplaces.

Who Should Attend

This course will benefit professionals across a wide range of roles and experience levels. For example, marketers who wish to solidify and validate their knowledge will gain relevant, future-ready tools for responding to recent disruptions. Individuals working in adjacent fields who want to change careers will gain a formalized digital marketing skillset, setting them up for success in this space. And entrepreneurs, start-up owners and business leaders who lack the budget for a dedicated marketing function will equip themselves with the ability to develop a feasible digital marketing strategy for their organizations. 

Key Benefits

  • Enhance your understanding of the timeless principles that guide media strategy, helping you adapt more effectively to digital disruption. 
  • Learn how to deliver on marketing goals and priorities with an integrated media strategy that puts the audience first.
  • Develop a digital media investment strategy supported and informed by a solid grounding in the current media landscape.
  • Gain the ability to identify challenges and take advantage of opportunities, leveraging strategic knowledge of various media marketplaces.
  • Earn an official certificate of completion to validate your newfound digital marketing and media knowledge.

Course Content

  • Module 1: Digital Marketing and Media Strategy
  • Module 2: The Media Landscape: Evolutions, Economics and the Existential Crisis
  • Module 3: The Foundations of Strategy: Leverage Consumer Insights
  • Module 4: Building the Digital Media Strategy: From Objectives to the Plan
  • Module 5: Measuring Your Strategy: Setting KPIs and Measuring Outcomes
  • Module 6: Digital Media Investment Strategy

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Academic Director

Judy Ungar Franks

Judy Ungar Franks

Judy Ungar Franks


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