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Online Short Courses

Northwestern Medill and GetSmarter, a 2U, Inc. brand, are collaborating to deliver first-class online short courses. Working professionals will enjoy access to the same top-tier research, knowledge and practical applications that help prepare our journalism and marketing students to lead the media into the future. This is combined with GetSmarter’s people-mediated model, which enables lifelong learners across the globe to obtain industry-relevant skills in a format that suits modern lives and busy schedules.

Market Research: Consumer Behavior and Analytics

Learn how to turn insights from consumer data into actions with the Market Research: Consumer Behavior and Analytics online short course. Over six weeks online, you will develop the skills to understand consumer behavior and customer expectations, and use what you learn to improve decision-making in your organization. Examine consumer buying habits and discover the underlying motivations that influence their relationship with a brand, and use analytics to deliver more personalized offerings. You will also gain the tools and techniques to create a successful product strategy that will help drive your business growth.

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Customer Experience Innovation

The Customer Experience Innovation online short course will expand your understanding of what drives positive customer interactions and how they can be harnessed to contribute to measurable business growth. Unpack why these interactions are crucial to your organization and learn how to shape them through dynamic marketing. Over six weeks online, you will develop the tools to create relevant and personalized engagement at each point in the customer journey. You will also have the opportunity to learn how to use 5Cs capabilities framework (Content, Context, Calibration, Conversion and Collaboration) to deliver a superior customer experience, while you gain the expertise to align a marketing tech strategy with your overall business goals.

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