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MarTech Strategy

Develop the knowledge to leverage marketing technology (MarTech) in your context. The MarTech: Leveraging Data and Technology in Marketing online short course from Northwestern Medill offers key insights from contemporary case studies and industry experts. Explore the six key components of marketing technology:

  • Advertising and promotion
  • Content and experience
  • Data and infrastructure
  • Commerce and sales
  • Customer relationship management
  • Governance

Discover the business potential of MarTech, while learning how solutions can be effectively combined for maximum advantage. At the end of the course, you will develop your own innovative, forward-thinking MarTech business roadmap.

Who Should Attend

Do you recognize the need for a holistic approach to marketing technology? If so, then this course is for you. Whether you work in marketing or as a senior business leader, this course offers you the skills to harness dynamic marketing for organizational growth and enhanced customer journeys. For those in advertising, this course provides the opportunity to embrace marketing technology and take the first steps down a new career path. If you already work with technology, the course will provide you with expanded insight, as well as templates and tools for solving the real-world challenges you will face as a dynamic marketer.

Key Benefits

  • Access significant insights into MarTech, while building the knowledge to tackle business challenges.
  • Learn to make the case for a strategic approach to selecting MarTech tools and solutions.
  • Develop your ability to combine and leverage MarTech stacks and lay the foundation of a dynamic marketing strategy in your organization.
  • Gain a deep understanding of the six components of MarTech, and how these can be used to achieve broader organizational objectives.

Course Content

  • Orientation module Welcome to your Online Campus
  • Module 1: Dynamic advertising and promotion
  • Module 2: Using MarTech for content distribution and customer experience
  • Module 3: MarTech data and infrastructure
  • Module 4: E-commerce and digital sales enablement
  • Module 5: Dynamic customer relationship management systems and technologies
  • Module 6: MarTech management and governance

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Academic Director

Frank Dudley

Frank Dudley

Frank Dudley


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