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What We Look For

A broad undergraduate liberal arts education is good preparation for IMC. We value strong communication and quantitative skills, as well as excellent critical and analytical thinking skills.

We look for:

The vast majority of our IMC Online students are working professionals who have demonstrated success in their careers to date in a marketing and/or communications-related field.

Additional considerations for prospective IMC Online students

Integrated marketing communications requires versatility. Students who are strong strategic and analytical thinkers as well as creative thrive in this program.

IMC students gain insight about customers and consumers largely through data analysis. Strong quantitative test scores and/or prior academic performance that evidence your quantitative skills are necessary.

We value writing, speaking and presentation skills as well as the ability to collaborate. Evidence that you work well in teams is important.

International students must demonstrate very strong spoken and written English-language skills via the interview, application essay and TOEFL or IELTS scores.

This is an intensive, professionally oriented program that requires enthusiasm and energy as well as maturity, reliability and commitment.

What about average GPAs and GMAT or GRE test scores?

We review each application file individually and holistically, considering GMAT and GRE test scores and GPAs in context with the rest of the file, including essays, resume and recommendations. We look at your undergraduate transcripts not only for the overall GPA but also for the courses you took and how you performed in them. We look closely at your resume and strongly consider your interview to gain an understanding of what you might contribute to your classmates' understanding of complex contemporary marketing communications issues.