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Kami Periman (IMC16)

Kami Periman
Content Marketing Strategist, IBM Hybrid Cloud at IBM

When Periman first came to the program, she had almost 15 years of marketing communications experience, the last six of which were at a small educational software company conducting a variety of public relations tasks. Periman wanted to advance in her career, but she quickly realized that her skills needed a refresher. She needed to bolster her skillset to compete and enrolled in the IMC Online program.

Early on in the program, she became interested in the Internet of Things through a class. In two and a half years, including a yearlong side trip to a Fortune 500 financial services institution, she landed a job Cisco, where she was able to double her salary. Now, Periman is at IBM, where she is a content marketing strategist for IBM Hybrid Cloud.

In talking about how the IMC program helped her in her career, Periman had a lot to share because of the impact IMC had.

"Thanks specifically to the experience I gained during the program, I was able to land a role in marketing strategy at a F500 financial services institution. This led to a content marketing role at an F100 technology company. Those experiences helped me land my current role as a content marketing strategist at IBM."

She continued, "My dream was to work for a brand so well known that I could travel to the other side of the world and tell anyone where I worked and they would recognize the name. I love being a part of the IBM family today. I was able to rewrite the ending to my story thanks to my Medill IMC experience. My graduate degree from Northwestern changed the trajectory of my life."