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Digital Analytics

(Elective Course)

Digital Analytics provides you the capability to lead the evolution of digital marketing practices through an understanding of the collection and application of data to solve marketing problems. As data-oriented technology is central to the course, you are exposed to data-science technologies and the programming languages that turn digital strategies into customer experiences.

The course will cover the collection (through tagging, testing and survey), organization and retrieval (via SQL) and analysis (via Tableau and R) of data from web, email, social, mobile, search and display media. We will develop marketing and business applications of this data (combined with CRM, transactions and traditional research methods) for communications planning, marketing strategy, content development and website “personalization,” and performance evaluation.

There are no prerequisites in terms of mathematical or technical skill, only a self-motivated willingness to tackle the unknown that is required to lead the data-driven evolution of practice within an organization. The course places you at the threshold of several paths for driving evolution through data, analytics and technology.