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B2B Marketing: A Customer-Centric Approach

(Elective Course)

Business to Business (B2B) marketing is rapidly changing as businesses adopt new digital technologies and platforms. In this course, students will understand the different kinds of B2B buying models and drivers of purchase decisions.

Students will understand how sales and marketing resources can work together and why collaborative account-based marketing strategies are effective. Students will understand why branding is important to B2B marketing, and how brands leverage their owned media and content to achieve business outcomes. Students will understand the power of social platforms and earned media and when to invest in paid media to scale up marketing programs and generate leads.

Finally, students will gain analytical skills to determine what is working and how to use data to improve marketing effectiveness. This course mixes strategy with practical applications to solve B2B marketing problems. Students learn by analyzing real-world datasets and by using an industry leading CRM tool in class. More importantly, the course is designed to help students succeed in B2B marketing by taking a customer-centric and strategic approach.