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Consumer Insight

(Elective Course)

Consumer Insight is a foundational course for developing a consumer centric, Integrated Marketing Communications perspective. The course focuses on understanding how individuals, families and groups acquire, consume and dispose of goods, services, ideas, brands and experiences. The goal is to deeply understand people’s goals, what people actually do, the meanings behind their activities and the experiences they seek in order to better understand them as consumers.

To do this, we will examine psychological, economic, communications, anthropological and sociological perspectives on human action that will allow us to generate consumer insights. Knowledge of consumer behavior is essential for key strategic tasks, including environmental analyses, product positioning, branding, segmentation and the implementation of integrated and effective communications strategies.

The purpose of this course is to introduce, discuss, understand and analyze consumers’ lives to provide students the building blocks for developing consumer centric and value oriented products, experiences and brand communications as part of an effective Integrated Marketing Communications program. Specifically, this course will focus on the following conceptual building blocks: