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Global Perspectives - Brand Innovation (Chile)

(Elective Course)

Global Perspectives - Brand Innovation is an immersive course taught for five days in Santiago, Chile. 

Innovation has long been a universal characteristic of companies that have earned and sustained their leadership. It has been argued we are in a new era of technology-enhanced innovation at this particular time, explaining disruptive changes in industries and consumer behavior changes at high velocity. These changes have come, in great measure, through what Clayton Christensen characterizes as “disruptive innovation,” due to small companies and start-ups leapfrogging legacy leaders. 

Additionally, much of the media attention, and arguably investment, has been around new entrepreneurial enterprises and new start-ups.

What about large, legacy organizations that have been leaders in their industries? How do they innovate to sustain their leadership? How do they leverage their advantages? Are the strategies to do so similar or different from smaller start-ups?

By the end of the course, students will be equipped to answer a diverse set of international enterprise IMC innovation-related questions, supporting their answers with examples.