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IMC Law, Policy and Ethics

(Elective Course)

While the title of the course may seem a bit daunting, ultimately the readings and discussions provide guidance and tools to help marketing professionals recognize legal and ethical issues concerning their responsibilities on the job. From copyright infringement to data privacy, trademark issues to sweepstakes’ rules, the class is interactive on several fronts. The course includes a discussion board where students share their personal marketing experiences or reflect on various assigned cases, where everyone can post the latest news on issues.   

Top lawyers specializing in these areas of law are frequent speakers during this course. Previous guests include a lottery/contests lawyer who explained the nuances of making sure you are doing it right and the lawyer who successfully briefed the “Dancing Baby” case, where the musician Prince sued a mom for copyright infringement after she posted 29 seconds of his song “Let’s Go Crazy” with a YouTube video of her dancing baby.  

The bottom line: You will be able to recognize important issues when you are assigned a project with social media implications, especially cutting-edge law that involves not-so-clear-cut answers to questions involving the digital world that often call for you to use more than common sense. And you will know when it’s time to reach out to the legal department for input. 

We will create a framework around which you can create a policy to carry out your tasks more effectively and with a knowledge that no other class offers.  As one student put it, this course created “a stronger background on legal issues facing marketers.”