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Sports Marketing

(Elective Course)

Sports Marketing is an opportunity to use sports – and indeed entertainment – to explore some important marketing concepts that are utilized in many areas such as:

Much of the course concentrates on marketing and business. Some will take the course because they are passionate about sports and will use that sports interest to become deeper practitioners in the world of marketing and business, including theory, ethics, legal and financial considerations. Some won’t be avid sports fans but look for well-rounded knowledge of marketing.

Sports marketing is nuanced. It may mean how a team is marketed, but it may also mean how a soft drink uses a fan base to reach an audience. The course considers areas such as pricing and the issues translate to other fields and brands. Sports is a lens to learn because it delivers passion and excitement on a global basis and brings people together even during competitive moments. There are many job opportunities in sports marketing, from consumer product companies looking to attract fans to teams looking for storytellers.