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Financial Aid

Financial aid available to Integrated Marketing Communications Professional students includes a small number of partial-tuition scholarships, private loans and, for U.S. citizens and permanent residents, federal student loans.

Federal loans

Federal financial aid for Northwestern University Medill graduate students includes the Unsubsidized Direct loan and the Graduate PLUS loan. A combination of federal student loans, along with possible scholarships, are awarded to eligible graduate students up to the cost of the attendance.

Integrated Marketing Communications Professional students must be enrolled in at least two units per quarter, which is considered part-time, to be eligible for federal financial aid. Courses are typically one unit each.

Private loans

Students may also choose to apply for a private loan to cover their education expenses. While students taking one unit per quarter and international students are not eligible for federal student loans, all students are eligible to apply for a private loan. Students interested in applying for a private loan should refer to Northwestern University's list of private loan programs and lenders, which was compiled following a review of competitive interest rates and fees, quality of servicing, and borrower benefits. 


For more information about financial aid, please contact Associate Director of Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid Melissa Sersland at