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Frequently Asked Questions

What job opportunities are there in science, health and environmental journalism?

These journalism specialties are increasingly relevant. New knowledge and innovation, as well as quickening climate change, increase the public's need to understand science, health and the environment. Journalists with expertise in these areas go on to reporting jobs in digital and broadcast media. They also find meaningful work in related government and nonprofit organizations.

Do I need an undergraduate degree in sciences to apply?

No, but a degree or some background can be helpful. A passion for reporting about the environment is required.

What kind of curriculum is required for this scholarship?

If you are admitted, you will take the same courses as other students pursuing a master of science in journalism (MSJ), with a few additional options, which are outlined on the Health, Environment and Science specialization curriculum page.

What are the opportunities for travel?

Past Comer Scholars have used scholarship funding to travel both domestically and internationally. They regularly attend the Comer Climate Change Conference at the Comer estate in Wisconsin. Comer Scholars have traveled to locations such as Colombia to document efforts to preserve traditional knowledge of healing plants endangered by mining and climate change; New Zealand to report on climate change clues ancient kauri trees hold in their rings; and Minnesota to report on the effects of global warming on peat bogs, an important carbon dioxide reservoir.

How much of the cost of attending Medill does the scholarship cover?

The typical Comer Scholarship award is equivalent to half the cost of tuition for Medill's one-year master's degree program. Applicants who require additional financial aid may complete the standard federal applications in order to be considered for other scholarships, merit awards, need-based grants and student loans.

Are international students eligible for the Comer Scholarship?

Yes, we welcome applicants from around the globe who demonstrate a passion for environmental reporting.

What are the application deadlines?

View the MSJ application deadlines.

What if I have questions that aren’t answered here?

If you have further questions about applying for the Comer Scholarship, please contact Associate Director of Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid Julie Collins. For questions about studying environmental and science journalism at Medill, contact Assistant Professor Abigail Foerstner.