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Reema Rao talks about life as an IMC Part-Time student and brand strategist at Leo Burnett

March 15, 2016 | By Jane Flis (IMC15)

IMC student Reema Rao has learned a lot about balancing work and school. She started the IMC part-time program and her job as a brand strategist at Leo Burnett in the same week last fall. She shared her experience as a student and working professional in a recent webcast. Clips from the video are below. Watch the entire video here.

What led you to the IMC program?

How do you find the balance between work and school?

What has been your favorite class so far, and which one are you looking forward to?

Do you see growth opportunities for yourself after you graduate?

What are the connections between professionals working in the industry and IMC students?

How have you worked with Medill IMC faculty?

Learn more about the IMC Part-Time program on our website.