Medill Honors: Hall of Achievement

James Risen (MSJ78)

Investigative journalist James Risen has covered some of the most important stories of the past two decades for news organizations like The New York Times, won a Pulitzer Prize and is an esteemed author. We are honored to induct Risen into our Medill Hall of Achievement.


Patty Blackburn (BSJ74, MSJ76)

Patricia (Patty) Lee Blackburn (BSJ74, MSJ76) has more than 30 years of award-winning corporate communications experience for Fortune 500 companies in the manufacturing, accounting, and banking sectors. We are honored to induct Blackburn into our Medill Hall of Achievement.


Jack Modzelewski (MSJ80)

Jack Modzelewski has spent more than 30 years in public relations using the skills he learned at Medill to advocate for brands, to solve business problems and grow companies internationally. We are honored to induct Modzelewski into our Medill Hall of Achievement.


Nancy Utley (BSJ77, MSJ78)

As president of Fox Searchlight pictures, and previously as president of marketing, Nancy Utley has led the company to three Oscars for Best Picture. We are honored to induct Utley into our Medill Hall of Achievement.


Medill Sports

NFL’s Roger Goodell visits Medill

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sat down with Medill Professor of Practice Christine Brennan (BSJ80, MSJ81) and answered student questions on domestic violence, concussions and more.



Seven alumni to be honored by Medill

Medill will honor seven alumni this year through the Alumni Merit Award and the Hall of Achievement awards. Among the alumni being recognized are two Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists, presidents of two companies, a corporate communications executive, an award-winning television producer and an internationally acclaimed best-selling author whose work was adapted into HBO’s “Game of Thrones” series.