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Group of students standing on the steps of a monument in Cuba.

Medill Explores

Through Medill Explores, you can go on a variety of learning adventures during a week-long suspension of classes in the winter quarter.

You choose among trips and programs, many of which include domestic or international, led by faculty and staff. Many of are tied to specializations, providing an even deeper dive into these subject areas in a new location.

Through Medill Explores experiences, you are immersed in journalism, media, innovation and more throughout the world. You experience first-hand a new area and culture, meet new people and deepen your understanding of what it means to be a journalist in a global context.

Network with local experts and alumni

These trips provide important connections within subjects that are of interest to you. In addition to meeting with local experts in journalism and media, Medill alumni in most locations meet and network with you and provide important advice about jobs and professional development.

Recent trips

We’re always seeking to provide new opportunities and experiences for our students, so Medill Explores trips change from year-to-year. Here is an overview of the trips offered last year.

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Student in front of Conde Nast sign

New York City

New York City Magazine Tour
Students got an insider view of the magazine business, including visiting major magazine publishing houses and smaller unique publications, and met some of the magazine industry's best writers and editors.

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Student interviewing someone in South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa

Reporting on Change in South Africa
Students explored and reported on the complex and wide-ranging issues facing Africa’s most important city and experienced its people and rich culture.

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Student in front of Tokyo New York Time sign

Tokyo, Japan

Medill Explores Tokyo
Students explored the business world of Japan, from the third-largest stock exchange and major Fortune Global 500 companies to small, independent businesses and major financial publications.

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Student looking at water samples

San Francisco

Medill Explores Environmental Fieldwork
Students spent the week in northern California at a national recreation area/national park, working with researchers who study water conservation, climate science and related environmental issues, then producing a story using the material they gathered.

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Student interviewing someone

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Medill Explores Puerto Rico
Students explored Puerto Rico's social and economic issues as it struggles to deal with an epic debt crisis and slashed public services, and as the perennial debate over its colonial status continues.

Column 2

Student in an art gallery with bright pink walls


Medill Explores the Arts
Students went behind the scenes and experienced the great music, theater, art and entertainment that make Chicago’s culture vibrant.

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Group of students in front of statue in Cuba

Havana, Cuba

Medill Explores Cuba
Students explored the social, cultural and political climate in Cuba during a historic turning point in its relationship to the United States.

Column 2

Student giving a broadcast from the super bowl


Medill Explores Super Bowl LI
Students experienced the lead-up to one of the biggest events in the sports world, Super Bowl LI in Houston, and examined the impact of the event on the host city.

Column 1

Student laying on stomach on hill

Washington, D.C.

An Inside View of the Military and Conflict Reporting
Students were embedded at the National War College at Fort McNair (just outside D.C.) and completed a professional Hostile Environment Training session.

Column 2

Group of students in NYC

New York City

Sports Future in New York City
Students went behind the scenes to network and learn about how sports media work and how talent is employed in the home of the national headquarters for leagues, teams and media.

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Student with camera


Medill Explores Through the Lens
Students took a deep dive into photojournalism through workshops with professional photographers and local photo editors, then created a documentary picture story.

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