The full-time IMC program is tailored to launch careers in marketing communications with a five-quarter program that prepares students to solve the marketing problems of the digital age. 

Full-time IMC students have the opportunity to focus on academic specializations. To complete a specialization, students take two required courses and at least two applicable electives. Specializations are optional and each student can pursue up to three. Students do not officially declare a specialization but rather complete the relevant courses to receive it.

IMC Specializations for Full-Time Program

Brand Strategy

Learn how to manage brand communications and make key decisions in a complex media environment.


Marketing Analytics

Learn skills to analyze, model and draw insights from data to inform marketing communications strategies.


Strategic Communications

Learn how to combine the strategic aspects of professional communications with policy and ethical considerations that support corporate social responsibility.


Content Marketing

Learn how to create strategies and content that work across multiple platforms to achieve brand objectives.


Media Strategy

Learn from real-world application new approaches to media planning and how the media and entertainment industry has adapted to evolving technologies.



IMC Immersion Quarter for Full-Time Students

The IMC program offers a core course that combines classroom learning with on-site immersion in top companies to work on real-world projects. Companies have a unique opportunity to work with talented graduate students and their professors to create fresh solutions and answers to real challenges and questions. This required component of the program is a great learning opportunity for students.


Global Integrated Marketing Communications

Marketing communications today increasingly happens in a global marketplace. IMC students integrate global thinking into their coursework and also have opportunities to travel abroad, meet alumni working internationally and learn from their classmates from other countries.


Marketing Innovation in San Francisco

In IMC, you can choose to study in San Francisco during your last quarter in the program. Here you will learn about digital media, technology and marketing at the heart of innovation.