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Charles A. Perlik, Jr.

Charles A. Perlik, Jr. (BSJ49, MSJ50) died in 2008. He served as president of The Newspaper Guild before retiring in 1987, after a 32-year career in the Guild international office. He was president for 18 of those years, longer than anyone in the Guild's 64-year history. Before that he was secretary-treasurer for 14 years, likewise a record.

Perlik, in holding the Guild's helm for almost two decades, put an indelible stamp on the union. Under his leadership, the Guild widened its horizons, both internally and externally. Internally, the Guild intensified and extended its commitment to human rights, establishing the post of human rights coordinator to oversee a program seeking to guarantee full employment opportunity to minorities and equal rights for women in the news industry workplace. Externally Perlik tried to involve the Guild more widely in legislative activity, which reached a peak in 1977 with the Guild's designation of a temporary full-time representative to mobilize support for labor-law reform legislation.

During his tenure as Guild president, Perlik was North American vice president of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and played a leading role in the IFJ's efforts to strengthen journalists' unions in Third World countries

Perlik started his career as a general assignment reporter for the Buffalo Evening News in 1950.