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Joan Wagner Beck

Beck (BSJ45, MSJ47) wrote an op-ed column for the Chicago Tribune and became the first woman to have a regular column on the editorial or op-ed pages. She started with the Tribune as a feature writer, pioneering new types of coverage in the areas of medicine, education, sociology, psychology and contemporary life, and from 1961 to 1972 she wrote a syndicated column about children. She became the first woman to be in charge of a daily section at the Tribune when she designed and edited the Tempo section. From 1975 to 1992, Beck served as a member of the Tribune’s editorial board, the first woman to serve in that capacity.

Beck is also the author of four books: “Best Beginnings,” “Effective Parenting,” “Is My Baby All Right?” with Dr. Virginia Apgar, and “How to Raise a Brighter Child.”