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Mark Goldstein

Mark Goldstein (BSJ69, MSA70) is CEO of Eleven, LLC., a Growth Advisory helping marketing agencies and major sales organizations sharpen their story, tell it convincingly, and lead their companies in a way that lives up to the promise. Prior to that, he was Vice Chairman/Chief Marketing Officer, BBDO North America.

In 2010, he relocated to his home in Florida and along with a reduced workload at BBDO, launched Eleven. The goal was to work with CEOs to create a culture of winning inside their companies. The business was so rewarding (intellectually and fun-wise) that in July 2012, he made the company a full-time endeavor.

Prior to BBDO, Goldstein was Chief Marketing Officer at Fallon Worldwide from 1993 until the summer of 2004. He was the driver of the agency's successful new business efforts (growing from $185mm in billings to almost $1bb), and doubled as the head writer of the presentations that charged Fallon's substantial growth. The win list includes important brands such as Citi, BMW, Sony, Nordstrom, Qualcomm, Nikon and others.

Mark grew up as a writer and copy supervisor at Leo Burnett before becoming creative director and then agency president at Earle Palmer Brown, where he helped grow the agency from $3 million to $410 million in billings.

In April of 1997 he was a member of the inaugural group inducted into Medill's Hall of Achievement.