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George Lazarus

George Lazarus (MSJ57) died in 1999. He can fairly be called the "dean of U.S. marketing journalists" - both because of the length of his tenure and the excellence of his editorial product. His well-known column appears daily in the Chicago Tribune and is often distributed on the Knight-Ridder Tribune service.

Lazarus covered business, marketing and advertising news for the Chicago Tribune since 1972 after stints with Chicago Today and Chicago Daily News. He also was once a columnist for Adweek. The Lazarus daily column marked its 35th year of publication in September 1996. A recent survey showed that nearly half of Chicago-area executives in all phases of business said they read his column most often compared to other business columnists. Other surveys have shown that nine out of 10 Chicago advertising agency executives and eight out of 10 marketing executives in the Chicago area read Lazarus' column regularly.

Lazarus also provided business news commentary on WGN Radio and other Chicago radio stations. He frequently appeared on Fox-32 WFLD with business news on its morning shows. Lazarus co-authored "Marketing Immunity," and his new six-tape audio cassette series, called "The Marketing Edge," features interviews by Lazarus with prominent business executives.

Lazarus graduated from Clark University with a bachelor's degree in business and administration.