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Students listening to a speaker in a conference room in a high rise in Tokyo.


If you are seeking to round out your experience internationally, we offer the Global Perspectives course, which includes a two-week, intensive business and research trip to Asia. Through this experience, you gain deep, contextual knowledge of marketing communications in the emerging and quickly evolving Asian marketplace and apply what you’ve learned through your coursework in a global context.

group photo of student at Nissan in Tokyo, Japan
IMC students visit Nissan Motor Corporation in Tokyo. Here, they spoke with the company's chief communications officer about communications for a global auto manufacturer.

The course has three main components:

Pre-trip classes and readings

Learn about the Asian marketplace and cultural and economic backgrounds of the cities you will visit.

Cultural and business immersion

Travel to Asia and meet with IMC professionals and key decision-makers from leading companies to discover a range of perspectives on the use of IMC in all types of businesses. Also meet and network with Medill alumni who live and work in the cities you visit.

Research project

You work in teams to conduct a research project on one of the companies you visit to gain deeper knowledge of the Asian marketplace. You conduct secondary research before traveling to Asia and primary research while abroad. This project culminates in a strategic analysis presentation to your classmates and faculty advisers back on the Evanston campus.

This year, students in the Global Perspectives course traveled to Beijing and Singapore to meet with leading companies and marketing communications professionals in these cities. The course offers IMC students from the Full-Time, Part-Time and Online programs to meet, network and travel together.

Global perspectives is a one-of-a-kind experience that made me proud to have chosen Medill IMC for my graduate studies. The future of IMC is bright because of programs like this that lend eye-opening experiences for aspiring and up-and-coming global marketers."Dorothy Ann Advincula (IMC18)