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Students pose for a photo at Google

Global Perspectives

10-day course in Asia

IMC Professional students can take the Global Perspectives course, which includes a 10-day, intensive business and research trip to Asia. Through this experience, you gain deep, contextual knowledge of marketing communications in the emerging and quickly evolving Asian marketplace and apply what you’ve learned through their coursework in a global context.

An IMC student tries on a virtual reality headset

In addition to visiting cultural sites like the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City, IMC students visit companies to learn about IMC in Asia.

Charlene Lu (IMC19)
"I want to further my learning in AI and data analyzing to help me find more insights in my future career. The IMC Asia course was unique because it gave me a broader and wiser perspective on the Asia market."Charlene Lu (IMC19)

Data Analyst, Pintas & Mullins Law Firm

The course has two main components:

Pre-trip classes and readings

You learn about the Asian marketplace and cultural and economic backgrounds of the cities you will visit.

Cultural and business immersion

You travel to Asia and meet with IMC professionals and key decision-makers from leading companies to discover a range of perspectives on the use of IMC in all types of businesses. You meet and network with Medill alumni who live and work in the cities you visit.

In 2019, students in the Global Perspectives course traveled to Singapore to meet with leading companies and marketing communications professionals. The locations change each year and span the entire Asian continent.

Julia Fedor (IMC18)
“The Global Perspectives course truly exceeded all of my expectations, adding so much value to my IMC Medill experience. We attended presentations from executives on-site at several top brands and agencies—Facebook, Google, Spotify, Edelman and Dentsu, to name a few—and heard first-hand about consumer behaviors, the dominance of mobile usage and technology. Learning about unique consumer insights in China and Singapore made me better equipped to work with my colleagues in those countries and serve our firm's multi-national clients.”Julia Fedor (IMC18)

Senior Project Manager, Edelman