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Medill faculty represent the highest levels of accomplishment in scholarship, journalism and global commerce. They are actively involved in mentoring students and conducting research to create knowledge. Our staff and administration comprise experienced professionals, many of whom are Medill alumni. 

J.A. Adande
Associate Professor and Director of Sports Journalism
Annie Barrett
Program Assistant, Office of Alumni Relations and Development
Ward Belford
Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid Coordinator
Scott Bradley
Senior Engineer, Software Systems and Circuits - Knight Lab
Sara Brazeal
Director of Marketing, Communications and Special Events
Gerry Chiaro
Assistant Professor and Director of IMC Immersion Quarter
Kelly Cutler
Lecturer and Director of IMC Professional Program
Jarrad Davis
Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications
Jack Doppelt
Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani Professor of Journalism
George Esho
Senior Accounting Specialist, Business and Finance
Julie Frahar
Director of Development, Office of Alumni Relations and Development
Tim Franklin
Senior Associate Dean, Professor and John M. Mutz Chair in Local News
Neil Golden
Lecturer and Co-Director of IMC Immersion Quarter
Rich Gordon
Professor and Director of Digital Innovation
Josh Grau
Lecturer and Director of Corporate Outreach
Desiree Hanford
Assistant Professor and Director of Academic Integrity and Appeals
Ryan Hays
Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid
Kari Lydersen
Lecturer and Interim Director of Social Justice News Nexus Project
Edward Malthouse
Erastus Otis Haven Professor and Research Director of Spiegel Research Center
Frank Mulhern
Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani Professor of Integrated Marketing Communications, Associate Dean of Research and Executive Director of Academic Programs in San Francisco
Sal Navarro
Social Media, Marketing, and Communications Specialist
Sara Nelson
Associate Dean of Administration and Chief of Staff
Samantha Nissen
Assistant Director of Academic and Career Management, Career Services
Luis  Palacios
Multimedia and Broadcast Operations Systems Engineer
Abe Peck
Professor Emeritus-in-Service, Director of Business to Business Communications, Senior Director of Media Management Center
Akeya Porter
Assistant Director of Career Management, Career Services
Jeff  Prah
Senior Director of Technology and Innovation
Ceci Rodgers
Assistant Professor and Director of Global Journalism Learning
Bob Rowley
Adjunct Lecturer and Co-Director, Politics, Policy and Foreign Affairs Specialization
Ellen Shearer
William F. Thomas Professor; Co-Director, National Security Journalism Initiative; Washington Bureau Chief
Donna Su
Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions & Financial Aid
Caryn Ward
Assistant Professor and Master’s Project/Thesis Director
Amanda Westrich
Associate Director of Development, Office of Alumni Relations and Development
Patti Wolter
Helen Gurley Brown Magazine Professor and Charles Deering McCormick Distinguished Clinical Professor
Robin  Young
Senior Program Coordinator, Integrated Marketing Communications