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Martin Block

Martin P. Block

Phone: 847-491-5298 | Email:

Martin Block is an expert in marketing mix models, marketing research and analytical techniques, sales promotion, advertising management, direct marketing and entertainment marketing. He formerly consulted and conducted research for the cable television industry, and has served as an expert witness in cases involving marketing communication issues.

Gerry Chiaro

Gerry Chiaro

Lecturer and Director of IMC Immersion Quarter
Phone: 312-543-4829 | Email:

Gerry Chiaro is an innovative marketing leader and educator with a focus on teamwork and leadership. Before joining the faculty at Medill, his career focused on learning and mastering brand management marketing, leading marketing teams at marketing technology firms and consulting in his own practice.

Tom Collinger

Tom Collinger

Associate Professor and Executive Director of Medill IMC Spiegel Digital & Database Research Center
Phone: 847-467-3433 | Email:

Tom Collinger specializes in understanding the financial impact of the new ways customers engage with enterprises. He is executive director of the Spiegel Research Center, which focuses on proving what types of engagement drive value. This is done through deep data analysis of engagement and transaction behaviors that supportive company partners share with SRC.

Susan Curtis

Susan Mango Curtis

Associate Professor
Phone: 847-467-2999 | Email:

Susan Mango Curtis is an educator, designer and consultant. She specializes in visual storytelling and digital publishing. Formerly, she was the assistant managing editor for the Akron (Ohio) Beacon Journal, where she was part of the team that won the Pulitzer Prize gold medal.

Kelly Cutler

Kelly Cutler

Lecturer and Director for Part-Time and Online IMC Programs
Phone: 847-467-2371 | Email:

Kelly Cutler has more than 20 years of experience with digital marketing and digital media. Her work focuses on the areas of search marketing, social media marketing, programmatic, retargeting and digital analytics and measurement. She works in both theory and practice.

Stephanie Edgerly

Stephanie Edgerly

Associate Professor
Phone: 847-467-2528 | Email:

Stephanie Edgerly's research explores how the new media environment alters the way audiences encounter news and impacts political engagement. She studies patterns of news consumption (and avoidance) among U.S. teenagers and adults, the factors that shape judgments about “fake news,” and the various strategies people employ for verifying news claims.

Abigail Foerstner

Abigail M. Foerstner

Assistant Professor
Phone: 847-467-7664 | Email:

Abigail Foerstner is an award-winning reporter covering and teaching health, environment and science journalism. She teaches students how to bridge between an increasingly technological culture and general audiences who rely on science journalism to make critical decisions and understand the wonders around them. She teaches multimedia journalism.

Judy Franks

Judy Ungar Franks

Phone: 847-467-2065 | Email:

Judy Franks's research and expertise centers on macro changes in the media landscape and the implications for marketing. Her interests are focused upon transmedia storytelling, network science and the media, and how programmatic media buying will influence the vitality of the media economy. Franks is also interested in media agency structures.

Rich Gordon

Rich Gordon

Professor; Director of Digital Innovation
Phone: 847-467-5968 | Email:

Rich Gordon launched Medill’s graduate program in new media journalism. He has spent most of his career exploring the areas where journalism and technology intersect. He was an early adopter of desktop analytical tools (such as spreadsheets and databases) to analyze data for journalistic purposes.

Ashlee Humphreys

Ashlee Humphreys

Associate Professor
Phone: 847-467-1820 | Email:

Ashlee Humphreys is a sociologist who examines core topics in consumer behavior and marketing strategy. Her research investigates topics in social media, market creation, language, and digital satisfaction. Humphreys is the author of "Social Media: Enduring Principles," and she is the creator of the Digital Satisfaction Index (DSI).

Candy Lee

Candy Lee

Phone: 847-491-2065 | Email:

Candy Lee's work on leadership and the effects of voice in technology are showcased in her research. She also does work on customer retention through loyalty, membership, pricing, display, management, attrition consideration, acquisition and growth strategy. Her focus on sport marketing involves diverse arenas from fandom to sponsorship.

Edward Malthouse

Edward C. Malthouse

Erastus Otis Haven Professor and Research Director of Spiegel Research Center
Phone: 847-467-3376 | Email:

Edward Malthouse's research centers on customer engagement and experiences; digital, social and mobile media; content marketing; customer reviews and digital platforms. He is also an expert on big data analytics, including customer relationship management, lifetime value models, predictive analytics, unsupervised learning, recommendation systems, and causal inferences.

Rachel Mersey

Rachel Davis Mersey

Associate Professor
Phone: 847-491-2196 | Email:

Rachel Davis Mersey's research focuses on the motivations behind and behaviors associated with media use. She specializes in how people engage with media products, and how media organizations may thoughtfully respond. Her work attends to traditional print and broadcast channels, and also digital and social platforms, AR and VR, and new storytelling approaches.

Frank Mulhern

Frank J. Mulhern

Associate Dean of Operations and Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani Professor of Integrated Marketing Communications
Phone: 847-491-5877 | Email:

Frank Mulhern does research on media economics and technology and its impact on brand communications. His work connects technology to customer data and marketing analytics; particularly with respect to retailing and e-commerce marketing.

Abe Peck

Abe Peck

Professor Emeritus-in-Service, Director of Business to Business Communications, Senior Director of Media Management Center
Phone: 805-681-1102 | Email:

Abe Peck has worked in magazines for 40 years as a writer/editor (Rolling Stone, Outside, etc.), an author, a consultant and as Medill's director of B2B communication. The author of “Uncovering the Sixties: the Life and Times of the Underground Press,” he curated Medill's recent series on Media and the 1968 Democratic Convention.

Don Schultz

Don E. Schultz

Professor Emeritus-in-Service

Don Schultz's current research centers on marketing communication (i.e. changes, adaptations) innovations and other factors that can, and will, radically change the entire marketplace in the way buyers and sellers organize, compete, cooperate and communicate with each other going forward.

Ellen Shearer

Ellen Shearer

William F. Thomas Professor; Co-Director, National Security Journalism Initiative; Executive Editor, Medill Washington
Phone: 202-661-0102 | Email:

Ellen Shearer has conducted research in several areas. In national security, she has focused on journalists' safety, conflict reporting, the military and the media and, more generally, national security issues. In political reporting, she has focused on civic engagement among millennials and among nonvoters.

Vijay Viswanathan

Vijay Viswanathan

Associate Dean, IMC and Associate Professor
Phone: 847-467-0869 | Email:

Vijay Viswanathan's research focuses on how brands and consumers engage each other in the digital marketplace. He uses quantitative and qualitative techniques to understand and optimize the social and economic impact of various marketing actions and programs. His work has implications for brand management, media allocation, and loyalty/referral programs.

Michelle Weinberger

Michelle F. Weinberger

Associate Professor
Phone: 847-491-8907 | Email:

Michelle Weinberger’s research centers on socio-cultural aspects of consumption. She studies how people use consumption to create and span symbolic boundaries. She analyzes this through collective rituals where consumption plays a central role (e.g. gift giving and community festivals) as well as social class differences in consumption. Her most recent work centers on consumer (aka crowd) funded businesses.

Patti Wolter

Patti Wolter

Helen Gurley Brown Magazine Professor
Phone: 847-491-5269 | Email:

Patti Wolter's background includes decades of work in consumer magazines (investigative and women's health). Her teaching centers on magazines, narrative storytelling, narrative structures, and health and science reporting. In addition, she has been working with scientists to understand consumer communication and translating science to lay audiences.

Owen Youngman

Owen Youngman

Knight Professor of Digital Media Strategy
Phone: 847-467-6759 | Email:

Owen Youngman's research focuses on the intersection of technology with media and culture, and the impact on journalistic practice and media business models of discontinuous change in all of those sectors. He speaks on innovation, given his long experience launching print and digital products at the Chicago Tribune.