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A person holding a cellphone and ipad with digital news clips overlaid across the image.A person holding a cellphone and ipad with digital news clips overlaid across the image.

Data Journalism

To earn your elective concentration in Data Journalism, you will take two classes. Please note course titles and descriptions are subject to change:

News Reporting with Data

News Reporting with Data brings students on an exciting journey into the world of data journalism. In this dynamic and interactive class, students delve into the essentials of data journalism tailored for today's fast-paced news cycle. From sports to business, weather to health, and beyond, students explore a multitude of beats to uncover compelling data-driven stories. Students get hands-on experience crafting interactive visualizations and producing impactful narratives that resonate with audiences.

By the end of the course, students have a portfolio brimming with diverse data stories ready for publication. Whether it's showcasing work on our prestigious Medill Reports website or pitching to other media outlets, students have the opportunity to share their insights.

Student also engage in lively discussions analyzing current examples of data-driven journalism, and spend dedicated time reporting, story editing, data gathering, and producing interactive visualizations.

Enterprise Reporting with Data

Students embark on a transformative journey into the realm of data journalism in Enterprise Reporting with Data. This captivating and interactive class offers students a unique opportunity to explore the intricacies of enterprise reporting, specifically crafted for feature-length reports that captivate audiences. Students dive deep into the world of data sources, from FOIA requests and government datasets to sports statistics and city data portals, empowering them to craft compelling narratives backed by solid data.

Through hands-on experience, students will master the art of sourcing, cleaning, and interrogating data, refining their skills in narrative writing and creating engaging interactive visualizations. By the culmination of the course, students emerge with a meticulously crafted data-driven narrative, primed for publication and ready to make a lasting impact.

In this enriching class students unlock the power of data-driven storytelling that sets the stage for meaningful change and insightful reporting.