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Cheryl Martin

Cheryl Martin (MSJ83) is a member of the inaugural class of the Medill Hall of Achievement in 1997.

Martin is an award-winning journalist and communications specialist. She was the popular moderator of Lead Story, a Sunday news analysis program on Black Entertainment Television (BET) for five years.

During her tenure at BET, Martin was a news anchor and also reported and produced several half-hour specials for the network: "The Legacy: Dreaming and Living Success," an inspirational look at successful African Americans and the parents who inspired them to excel; "Mission in the Hood," a look at initiatives by black, inner-city churches to curb violence and strengthen the family, and "Passage to Democracy," a chronicling of Martin’s visit to South Africa to cover the historic first all-race elections.

Prior to joining BET in October 1992, Martin worked as a reporter and producer for various television stations in Washington, DC. Martin received the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's 1991 Silver Award (local program) for her documentary, "Moms, Kids & Crack." The program highlighted the problems of mothers addicted to crack cocaine and the consequences for their cocaine-exposed children. Martin was also nominated for a local Emmy award by the Chicago chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Martin earned a bachelor's degree from Northwestern's School of Speech.