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The Foley Award medal, which is a gold disc with the image of a person on it


Medill students, alumni and faculty are regularly recognized with some of the top awards for journalism, media and integrated marketing communications excellence.

Current Medill students participate in a variety of contests, and Medill alumni have gone on to win Pulitzers, Emmys, Cannes Lions and many other awards recognizing excellence. Medill confers three major awards to working journalists. We also present a number of awards at graduation convocation each year.

Alumni Awards

Hall of Achievement

The Hall of Achievement was established in 1997 to honor Medill alumni and individuals whose distinctive careers have had positive impacts on their fields, including journalism, the arts, business, academia, nonprofits and others.

Discover Medill's Hall of Achievement inductees  

Our Pulitzer Winners

We recognize the outstanding work of alumni who are recipients of the Pulitzer Prize, bestowed since 1917 for excellence in journalism and the arts. The Pulitzers were established by provisions in the will of publisher Joseph Pulitzer. Prizes are awarded yearly in 21 categories.

Discover Medill's Pulitzer Prize recipients

Medill Awards

Cecilia Vaisman Award

The Cecilia Vaisman Award honors the legacy of late Medill associate professor and NAHJ member Cecilia Vaisman, an audio journalism leader who inspired countless students to pursue careers in video and audio journalism.

Learn more about the Cecilia Vaisman Award

Don Schultz Award for Innovation in Teaching, Theory and Practice of IMC

This award honors late Medill Professor Don Schultz, who played a pivotal role in creating the field of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) and was instrumental in establishing the IMC department at Medill in the early 1990s.

This international award is open to marketing professors or professionals who have shown excellence in teaching the principles of IMC and have created new frameworks to communicate with customers and drive financial performance.

Learn more about the Don Schultz Award

John Bartlow Martin Award

This annual award honors outstanding professional public interest magazine journalism, at which Martin was so adept himself.

Learn more about the John Bartlow Martin Award 

James Foley Medill Medal for Courage in Journalism

The award honors journalists who best display moral, ethical or physical courage in the pursuit of a story or series of stories.

Learn more about the James Foley Medill Medal for Courage in Journalism 

NAJA Medill Milestone Achievement Award

This award honors an individual who has made a lasting impact on media for the benefit of Native American communities and the general public relative to Native Americans. It celebrates and encourages responsible storytelling and journalism in Indian Country.

Learn more about the NAJA Medill Milestone Achievement Award

Undergraduate Journalism Awards

William C. Fyffe Award

This award recognizes Medill undergraduates who demonstrate professional competency in and dedication to the mission of broadcast journalism.

Learn more about the William C. Fyffe Award

Gary Cummings Memorial Award

This award for undergraduates who excel in broadcast journalism is named in honor of Gary Cummings, who directed Medill's broadcast journalism program.

Learn more about the Gary Cummings Memorial Award

Valedictorian Award

The Valedictorian Award honors the graduating senior with the highest cumulative grade-point average.

Learn more about the Valedictorian Award

Graduate Journalism Awards

Harrington Awards

Medill's highest awards for graduate journalism students honor the top students in each major area of study.

Learn more about the Harrington Awards

Gertrude and G.D. Crain

The Crain award honors students in the Medill Magazine Publishing Project who exhibited outstanding management potential.

Learn more about the Gertrude and G.D. Crain

Graduate IMC Awards

Arthur E. Tatham Award

This award honors Northwestern graduate Arthur E. Tatham, who was a leader in the Chicago advertising industry.

Learn more about the Arthur E. Tatham Award

Jack Sissors Memorial Award

This award recognizes IMC students who best exemplify the qualities of mentorship and generosity of intellect, spirit and personality.

Learn more about the Jack Sissors Memorial Award

Journal of Integrated Communications (JIMC)

The JIMC award honors students for leadership in editing and managing this internationally distributed journal of theory and practice.

Learn more about the Journal of Integrated Communications (JIMC)

Robert E. "Buck" Buchanan Award

The award is presented to IMC students who demonstrate academic excellence.

Learn more about the Robert E. "Buck" Buchanan Award

Stanley Tannenbaum Memorial Award

The Tannenbaum Award honors IMC Part-Time and Online students who have outstanding academic performance.

Learn more about the Stanley Tannenbaum Memorial Award

Student Service Award

This award honors IMC students who help build the program through service to other students.

Learn more about the Student Service Award

Richard C. Christian Award

This award recognizes students who make notable contributions to advancing the learning experience for themselves and their peers.

Learn more about the Richard C. Christian Award

Ronald B. Kaatz Humanitarian Award

This award recognizes IMC students who best exemplify the qualities through mentoring and demonstrating generosity of intellect, spirit and personality.

Learn more about the Ronald B. Kaatz Humanitarian Award

Walter Dill Scott Award

This award, named in honor of the 10th president of Northwestern University, recognizes outstanding IMC students.

Learn more about the Walter Dill Scott Award