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Christine Brennan

Christine Brennan (BSJ80, MSJ81) is a member of the Medill Hall of Achievement and is a sports columnist for USA Today and a professor of practice for Medill.

Throughout her career, Brennan has broken through gender barriers in sports journalism. She started her career as the first female sports reporter at the Miami Herald, and later became the first woman to cover the Washington Redskins while working for The Washington Post.

She is an award-winning sports columnist, best-selling author and commentator for ABC News, PBS NewsHour and National Public Radio. She has covered consecutive summer and winter Olympic games, starting with the 1984 Los Angeles games. Three of her seven books are on figure skating, and her 1996 best-seller, “Inside Edge,” was named one of the top 100 sports books of all-time by Sports Illustrated.

Brennan has served as a trustee of Northwestern University and has been honored with Northwestern’s Alumni Service Award.