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Edwin C. “Skip” Gage

Edwin C. “Skip” Gage (MSA65) is a member of the Medill Hall of Achievement.

Gage is an accomplished business innovator who has made important contributions to the practice of integrated marketing. He founded Gage Marketing Group in 1991. Advertising Age listed Gage Marketing Group as the largest promotion shop in the United States in 1993.

The establishment of the Gage Marketing Group followed Gage’s executive involvement as President, COO, and CEO of Carlson Companies, Inc.

Gage began his Carlson career in l968 as director of marketing, development, and research with the goal of replacing the declining trading stamp business for his father-in-law, Curt Carlson. Prior to joining Carlson Companies, he was an advertising account executive with Foote, Cone & Belding in Chicago. By 1981, Gage had directed the replacement of the trading stamp business with the creation of a new full-service marketing company in Carlson Marketing Group. Under his leadership, a three-person office was transformed into a dynamic, multi-million-dollar business.