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John Gerzema

John Gerzema (MSA87) was inducted into the Medill Hall of Achievement in 2014.

John Gerzema is CEO of The Harris Poll, a leading public opinion, market research, corporate, brand and reputation strategy firm and a pioneer in the use of data to identify social change and help leaders and organizations anticipate and adapt to new trends and demands.

After graduating from Medill, Gerzema began his career at Campbell-Mithun and Fallon advertising agencies in Minneapolis. He then joined Young & Rubicam Group as its Global Chief Insights Officer. In 2010 he was named the chairman and chief executive officer of Y&R's BAV Consulting. At BAV, he led a global management consultancy with expertise in corporate, brand and marketing strategy and innovation. His group administers BrandAsset® Valuator, the world’s largest consumer survey, which collects data on more than 16,000 consumers quarterly and 50,000 brands in 50 countries.

A frequent analyst on television and radio, Gerzema’s TED talks have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people. His book, "The Athena Doctrine," written with Michael D'Antonio explores the rise of feminine values in leadership, policy, and innovation.