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Kwame Holman

Kwame Holman (MSJ82) is a member of the Medill Hall of Achievement.

Holman was a correspondent for The PBS NewsHour. Prior to joining The NewsHour, Holman was a reporter and producer for the CBS affiliate WTOC-TV in Savannah, Ga. He has also served as a public relations consultant to the National Summit Conference on Black Economic Development and as a special assistant to the president of the Children’s Defense Fund. During 1980, Holman was acting press secretary to the mayor of the District of Columbia.

Holman’s work for The NewsHour has earned him two national awards for journalistic excellence: a George Polk Award for National Television Reporting in 1984 for his reporting on violence and abortion clinics, and, in 1985, an Emmy Award for his reporting on the nation’s farm crisis.

Holman has also served an adjunct lecturer at Medill.