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Matt Murray

Matt Murray (BSJ87, MSJ88) was inducted into the Medill Hall of Achievement in 2019.

Murray works for Dow Jones News Corporation. He was the editor in chief of The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones Newswires New York, responsible for all global newsgathering and editorial operations.

He previously served as executive editor since 2017, and had been deputy editor in chief since 2013. He joined Dow Jones & Company in 1994 as a reporter for the Pittsburgh bureau.

Murray is the author of two books. “The Father and the Son” tells the story of his father's spiritual quest and decision to enter a Benedictine monastery after the death of Murray’s mother. He also is the co-author of “Strong of Heart: Life and Death in the Fire Department of New York,” a memoir published in 2002 with former New York City fire commissioner Thomas Von Essen that chronicles Von Essen’s career in the New York City Fire Department pre-and-post 9/11.